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Akashic Records Session:  An inquiry into the Soul Records or Hall of Records Library, and can be helpful for increased spiritual awareness and provides new insights into your path of life.  What your Soul wants you to know. The Soul Consultation – is answering questions from your Book of Life, the Akashic Records. The Record Keepers are a ‘Soul group’ from the higher dimensions that are available upon request to assist humanity remember who we are and what we have come to accomplish on the planet.  They are different from your personal guides and teachers.  A session helps one understand and release the past, fear of the future and to live more fully aware in the present. This consultation leaves you with tools to live your life with grace and ease. What do you want to know about yourself and your life’s path?             Session $100

Examples of Questions for  Soul Consultation or formulate your own:

What am I ready to know about myself now?

What do I need to know about my relationship with ____________?

Is there another relationship/issue I could be asking about?

Am I holding an expectation of what the truth is in this situation/relationship?

What is blocking me from going deeper in my spiritual life?

What can I do to live life to the fullest?

What am I denying or claiming I don’t know?

Is there something or someone, I have given my power to in the past?

Is there anything masked, hidden, or concealed that I am now ready to know and release?

How best can I handle this — with greater grace and ease?

How can I grow closer in my spiritual relationship with God?

What gifts do I have to share with others on my path of life?

Dr. Rita Bernadette DeShields, Phone Consultation   830-329-3185  

Call for an appointment. Use the above questions or formulate your own and please have your questions written down.  You may record the session if you wish. A session may last 30 minutes or 2 hours.                  Session $100


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