Journey of the Pilgrim

Journey of the Pilgrim began in 2005 when Hedi, Clarence and myself began meeting once a week to discuss metaphysical/spiritual topics. During that time, Clarence was already writing inspirations daily at 4 a.m. and we would discuss the importance of these writings. He said the author was “Aganarius”. After he compiled and edited the writings several times, we have a completed version.

The book is dedicated to those who can hear what it is saying with the sincerest wish it may confirm their innermost thoughts and feelings. The scribe is a Texan who resides in the Texas Hill Country. These lessons were given in dictation which was received in Full consciousness as “spoken Words’. He is never in a trance nor under the control of another entity. The Source explained there were many names, though they were but ONE.



If only you could see! You are the Beauty and the Truth which you so desperately seek at every turn.  You continue your search ever outward – so sure that you have overlooked it somewhere along the way. All the while, IT sits quietly within longing desperately for your recognition and acceptance as you seek ever more distant realms.  You are that expression of ALL THAT IS which has been granted for your OWN understanding. This is not a question of a great ego, but of a simple Truth: you are that part of God which seeks your experience as an aspect of ALL THAT IS. You are Whole, you are True and you are uniquely important to God.  When you open yourself to the life IT has chosen to experience through you, you will have an enormous challenge to achieve without attempting to understand the paths of others.  This is the part of Creation which has been granted to you alone.  It is your kingdom and you reign supreme.  How much more beautiful and rewarding when you finally come to see and to know who you are. Then, and only then, can you “see” ALL THAT IS. Your value is inestimable, for without you, Creation would remain unfulfilled.  How great the complexity of Creation, how vast – and yet, how simple. The beauty of simplicity lies in its TRUTH.  You cannot be other than what your creator has chosen – you are ITS reflection. Rejoice in this TRUTH, accept it and also accept its Divine purpose.  All of Creation is awaiting your awakening to this moment and it too, will move closer to its coronation.  Do not seek where it cannot be found, but open yourself to the beauty and profundity of the world already within you.  It is yours and yours alone. It is as it is intended to be – and it is perfect because its Creator is perfect. It is Divine Beauty incarnate.


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