Sacred Heart Meditation

Meditation on the Sacred Heart

Touch your chest and begin to focus on your Sacred Heart, in the middle of your chest behind the breast bone. Breathe in deeply a few times focusing on the breath through the Sacred Heart and think of unconditional Unity, Love and Respect as described by Jesus.

Take in another breath focusing on your Sacred Heart and think about your sacred Life, your respect for all life and Honesty in everything you think, say and do.

Now breathe in Kindness and Justice for all people all over the world. We have no enemies, only misguided brothers and sisters.

Breathe deeply again and breathe out forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude.

Affirm to yourself:

The Light of the Living Christ radiates in and through my Sacred Heart healing my body, my mind and my spirit.

The energy light from the Sacred Heart flows in and through my bones, muscles, tendons, cells, tissues and organs.

The Light moves through my body and heals everything in its path. My blood flows freely as the Light of the Sacred Heart flows through my veins nourishing my entire body. My mind is clear and filled with love, harmony and gratitude.  I have loving and beautiful relationships with everyone in my life.

My debts are paid in full, my bank account is overflowing and I always have plenty to spare and share.

My family and I are divinely guided and protected. I am worry free and filled with peace, love and joy.

Thank you Sacred Heart for your loving Presence in my life, Amen.


The Seven Dimensions of Human Intelligence within and radiating from our Sacred Heart:

UNITY –the primary awareness is that there is but one God, one Power, which is the unifying force of all life. It is our direct connection to all intelligence.

LOVE – is the power of the universe. Our greatest desire is to protect, honor and respect life in all its forms. Love is the essence of being-ness.

LIFE – is following the flow of life, serving the living and fulfilling your love by your awareness of the pathway that life is revealing to you. Always look forward and behold the possibilities with innocent perception.

RESPECT – begins with respect for God, oneself, for all of mankind and all forms of life. Through respect for Divine Order, patience and peace are cultivated.

HONESTY – this can bring solutions to every problem of life, and well as science, law and social management. We must be honest with relationships, habits, ideas, careers and plans.

JUSTICE – is the foundation of all civilization and all cultural intelligence. Through practicing balance and fair exchange, we will develop wisdom in our discourses with life and each other.

KINDNESS – is goodwill expressed as caring, helping, sharing and consideration for others. Kindness is strength in action.



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