My Messages


Since my last post, I am learning to navigate this blog. I wish I knew more about it.  Currently I am in Austin, Texas house-sitting for a friend and having lots of quiet time to contemplate my next step.  The condo I was staying in in Kerrville was sold and I had the best opportunity to glean more items from storage to the Women’s Shelter. I enjoyed letting go of clothes and items I could no longer wear or didn’t want.

Now, the discussion group that began in November is going well; the participants are picking up the pace so when I leave Texas, they will have continuity. We have discussed Aganarius’ work which you will find on ‘Journey of the Pilgrim’ page here. I will continue to post a page often.

With the new 15th paradigm collapsing the previous 14, we are in for a new beginning in our thinking, responding and beingness that was never possible before. Please know that all physical symptoms are the releasing of the old concepts we have accumulated over this life time and that now no longer serve us. Our cellular structure is being re-formulated to sustain the newer energies which are bombarding the planet thru solar flares, intense planetary shifts and higher consciousness knowing.

The key words for me are “Accept, Forgive, Surrender, Yield, Trust, Ask for Guidance”.